Dress + Leggings = Toddler “uniform”

There are about 21 million Google results for personal style uniform, so I’m going to venture a guess that if you’re reading this, you’re at least vaguely familiar with the concept of wearing variations on the same thing every day as a way to simplify your life.

I realized recently as I was getting R dressed for the day that I take a similar approach to dressing her for days when I don’t know what’s on her schedule — which sounds ridiculous until you consider that she spends weekdays either with her father, one of her grandparents, or her babysitter, and I often don’t know what she’s going to be up to during the day.

(To be honest, on the days when the sitter’s coming, I often don’t get her dressed at all. We have an amazing nanny who plans a ton of different activities, so I usually just leave R in a T-shirt and a diaper so she can dress appropriately later. Sometimes when the sitter is particularly pleased with an outfit she’ll text me a photo. She’s easily as qualified to run this blog as I am.)

On other days, though, including weekend days when I am home but don’t know what’s going to be on the agenda for the day, I find myself going back again and again to a simple outfit formula: a knit dress with leggings. Here’s what I love about this combination:

  • It’s versatile. Chilly? Add a sweater and socks. If it warms up, lose the leggings.
  • It’s comfortable for around-the-house play, but add boots and a jacket and you’re ready to walk out the door and into almost any setting, from the park to the museum to the grocery store to a family gathering.
  • It’s cute but not fussy and lets her move and climb freely.

My favorite knit dresses and leggings are from Hanna Andersson. The quality is fantastic and the designs are cute and classic — great qualities in a hand-me-down. I also buy some leggings at Gymboree, although I find they tend to run really skinny in toddler sizes, and that’s a problem when you’ve got a long, tall kid like I do — she’s a 2T who’s really still proportioned for 18-24 months sizes. And lately I’ve been finding a lot of cute, sassy dresses at H&M, including some options in their Conscious line, which I try to shop when I shop H&M.

Uniform dresses

1. Hanna Andersson, $39  //  2. H&M, $14.99  //  3. Hanna Andersson, $42  //  4. H&M, $12.99  //  5. American Apparel, $22  //  6. Hanna Andersson, $32

What’s your toddler’s default outfit for days when anything could happen?

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