Way better than a pumpkin spice latte: Cozy cold-weather sweater pants

Swants had a moment a couple of years ago, didn’t they? And why wouldn’t they? Sweaters make the best shirts, so it’s only natural they’d make good pants. Although it’s a hard look to pull off if you’re a professional.

Unless you’re a professional toddler, that is.

I swear my two-year-old doesn’t look at style blogs. She just poses like she does.

I found these swants at a Janie and Jack outlet in Oregon last winter. I love them. My husband loves them. They’re comfortable enough for playtime and naptime, warm enough to wear out of the house, and the same color as the dog hair she rolls around in all day. Basically the perfect garment. I’m going to weep giant bitter tears of sadness when she outgrows them.

Last time she wore these, I paired them with this chambray shirt from Target. For lounging around the house this weekend, though, we put on a tiger T-shirt from Gymboree’s Eric Carle collection.

Yes, I bought up sizes from that collection. I also bought multiples of the Brown Bear raglan and the Very Hungry Caterpillar pajamas. No regrets.

She’s newly obsessed with stickers. My husband made a crack about sticker books being in our future, which made me think of giving her these blank board books I ordered years ago when our nephew was tiny and never used. Now she sticks stickers in her “stickobooks” instead of on my furniture.

I don’t see our swants on the Janie and Jack website (although they do have these AMAZING tartan dress pants for the tiny golfer in your life), but here are some options in the same vein:

If you’re feeling crafty, some tutorials for custom tiny swants:

And if you’re looking for parent-sized sweater pants, I recommend perusing some of the options listed on Etsy. Just make sure you’ve budgeted enough time to explore the rabbit hole down which you’re about to embark.

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