#ToddlerStreetStyle: The Cat’s Meow

Here’s how I know an outfit is a success: I can’t get a good picture of it.

Take, for example, this look from earlier this week.

Cat Face Dress

Perfect not for standing still to have one’s photograph taken, but for eating muffins and pouches and carrying around random things. Like this decorative pumpkin votive holder from the kitchen table. Made entirely of metal and glass.

Cat Face Dress 01

Oh, look, she’s also eating something completely different in that photo. Apple?

We are not, as you can see, terribly strict about sitting at the table to eat breakfast. Especially since the decorative pumpkin has been removed.

Cat Face Dress

The dress is from H&M (you can’t tell from the photos, but the black print is flocked. Super cute). It doesn’t appear to be available online anymore, but they do have some other lovely animal face options:

The tights are Hanna Andersson Mix A Lots, which I love because they are warm, substantial and durable. And they don’t roll down.

Another thing this dress is good for? Stalking the actual cat.

Cat Face Dress 03

“Oh, there you are, Gaga Cat.”

Cat Face

The cat is a relatively new addition. R is obsessed with her.

The cat is very patient.

The cat also likes to try to get up on the table. So perhaps she thinks she and the decorative pumpkin are related. I know R finds them both entertaining.

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