Is that a style icon on your T-shirt, or are you just happy to see me?

When R spends the night at my parents’ house, it’s not uncommon for her to come home wearing something amazing. A couple of months back it was a vintage Return of the Jedi T-shirt, as I shared on Facebook.

Today it was Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Reilly collage
Yeah, it’s harder than ever these days to get a full-body shot standing still. Especially when there is pretend coffee to be poured.

I couldn’t find the exact T-shirt online, but here are some in the same vein.

Audrey Hepburn t-shirts

1. RadioDays on CafePress, $17.95 // 2. Old Navy, $12.94 // 3. MonoFaces on Etsy, $24 // 4. tigerwolf09 on RedBubble, $17.94 // Old Navy, $13.50

Fun fact: There are an awful lot of Audrey Hepburn T-shirts out there in kids’ sizes that feature Breakfast at Tiffany’s images that prominently include Holly Golightly’s cigarette holder (like #3 above). Not something I would choose for my child personally, but on the other hand, depending on how young your kid is, they might not even notice what’s on their shirt. R just barely started realizing there’s anything on her clothes.

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