My Aden + Anais addiction

The swaddle blankets are the gateway drug.

That’s my fair warning about Aden + Anais products to parents of infants.

When R was born three years ago, Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets were the absolute must-have baby registry item, so I put them on my wish list along with their Burpy Bibs, which were recommended by a friend. And of all the baby items we received as gifts, I will say we probably got the most use out of the swaddles and Burpy Bibs. Just the other day, in fact, I used one of the swaddle blankets as a pack ‘n’ play sheet in a pinch. And I loved the bibs so much I ended up buying more when R was a baby, and even more in preparation for Baby Brother. The kidney-shaped cloths, made of multiple layers of muslin, are the perfect shape for burp cloths, but they also snap into a bib, so they’re great when baby starts eating solid food (or if you just happen to have a bottle-feeder with a leaky mouth, which has now been my great fortune two times).

Here’s where they got me, though. Because when I went to order additional Burpy Bibs this time around, I learned that A+A’s line now also includes things like layered muslin blankets, sleep sacks and clothing. And it didn’t seem fair to relegate the new baby entirely to hand-me-downs.

Several onesies, a couple of sleep sacks and a sweatsuit later, I am in love with these baby clothes.

First of all, I love a kimono onesie. I don’t know why more baby clothes don’t come like this. Newborns hate having things pulled over their heads. Kimono-style closures are so much easier for everyone.

I also love white clothes for newborns since once they start eating solid food white stops being an option. A newborn in white clothing says “Look at me! Look how sweet and fresh and clean I am! I don’t do anything but eat or sleep, and I’ll never spend naptime rubbing lotion in my hair or start a coin collection in the fireplace vents or take off my filthy diaper in my crib. Snuggle me!”

These clothes are so soft and so sweet. And I’m having a really hard time not buying more.

Aden + Anais isn’t cheap (quality never is, is it?), but it will sometimes show up on flash sale sites like Gilt and Zulily (referral links). Even when you’re buying from a flash sale site, make sure you compare prices; sometimes the prices they offer really aren’t the bargain they seem to be. They also have a more affordable line, Aden by Aden + Anais, that doesn’t sacrifice too much quality.

A cleaning tip for your Burpy Bibs: Regular laundry detergent and fabric softener leave fabrics slightly moisture-resistant, which is great when it buys you some time after spilling coffee on your blouse but not ideal in an item that you really want to soak up moisture effectively. I put our Burpy Bibs and other burp cloths in with our cloth diaper laundry, which is washed with a detergent that doesn’t prevent absorbency, but if you don’t have diaper laundry, maybe just skip the fabric softener when you wash burp cloths.

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