#ToddlerStreetStyle: Paging June Cleaver

Image via Flickr user Ethan // CC 2.0

Dress fever continues at our house. Yesterday morning when I went to get R up, she announced to me that she was “looking for a dress” and then suggested I get “this blue one” out of her closet.

“This blue one” is the Maria Elena Aqua & White Plaid Shirred Dress, which I have been trying to get her to wear since it arrived in June.

This dress is UH-DORABLE and mostly nice quality, except for one glaring oversight: button placement. See that gap at the waist? Anyone with a basic working knowledge of clothing could have predicted that problem upon seeing that there’s a button at the top of the smocking but not in the middle of it. I’m going to have to sew in a snap or hook-and-eye to get it to lie flat. Not the end of the world by any means, but I do object to having to do basic repairs to brand-new clothing.

R wore this dress to dinner at my parents’ house, where my mom and I spent a lot of time talking about how she looked like a girl who would have come knocking on Ozzie and Harriet’s door looking for Ricky Nelson. Especially once she added the Mary Janes (her “ballet shoes,” which she keeps at my parents’ house). Although the effect is somewhat diminished by the Twilight Sparkle hair tie.

Honestly, I kind of have mixed feelings about this outfit. It makes her look much older than not-quite-three.

Also, while she was pushing the toy shopping cart around my parents’ house, she looked like a tiny little Stepford wife. As long as you ignored Twilight Sparkle.

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