#ToddlerStreetStyle: Pretty in pink

Sweater weather doesn’t have to mean skipping sequins.

Labor Day came and went and, as though the Fall Switch were flipped with its passage, the weather is now rainy and cool. This adds another layer of complexity to our morning wardrobe negotiations; it’s one thing to find an outfit on which we can agree without having to also make sure it’s warm enough.

Fortunately, sequins exist.

H&M has become my go-to for cute, affordable sweaters with sequin embellishment. Their online inventory cycles quickly but this particular sweater, pink with holographic sequin polka dots, is still available as of today ($14.99), along with a blue version with stars.

Amazing how enthusiastic she can get about a shirt and pants if the shirt is covered with holographic sparkles and pairs nicely with a shiny plastic necklace.

Despite the sequins, this is actually a pretty straightforward, sensible playclothes outfit. Under the sweater, R is wearing a black long-sleeved H&M Conscious knit top ($12.99 for a two-pack). The pants are Hanna Andersson cords, purchased last winter at an outlet in Portland. They actually have a zip fly and snap closure, and the pockets all work, which puts them in the minority among toddler girls’ trousers.

The shoes are a new favorite — the Mini Melissa Mary Jane ballet shoe. Ours came from Nordstrom Rack (1.5% cash back from Ebates or 1% from Mr. Rebates), but you can find them all over the Internet. Melissa makes plastic jelly shoes that are actually comfortable. These have a cushioned insole (and the strap smartly fastens with Velcro; so easy). Mini Melissas have a sweet scent that I love, although if you are scent-sensitive you should check them out in person before bringing a pair into your home.

Technically they’re not rain boots, but close enough, right?

The toothbrush, by the way, plays the entrance music for WWE Superstars John Cena and The Rock. She insisted on bringing it to school. Her teacher was exactly as thrilled as you’d expect.

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