Different sidewalk. Same owner.

Oh hi.

It’s been a while.

After basically liveblogging my 20s, I took a break. I’ve waded back in and out over the years, casually blogging about things like nail polish and kids’ clothes and writing occasionally for other people’s blogs on topics like being married to the NBA (then figuratively, now more or less literally) and pro wrestling reality television.

And, you know, I wrote for a living.

Now that I’m entering what Michelle Duggar would call a new season of life, I figured it might be nice to have a spot to put┬áthe thoughts that bubble up from time to time and that are too long for Twitter.

So, hi. Hello again. Nice to see you.

Also, if you’re the guy who bought up my old OwnTheSidewalk.com domain and is doing absolutely nothing with it, feel free to contact me and let’s see if we can work something out.

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