Happy Milwaukeeversary

This month marks one year since our family in toto took up residency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The dark months prior, during which Seth was largely in Wisconsin while I was attempting to manage two children and a full-time job at a roller coaster of a company, may be part of the reason I love Milwaukee SO F**KING MUCH. Never have I been so relieved to set foot on new soil.

That said, I would love Milwaukee even if my arrival here hadn’t been such a huge relief. Although there are things that could be improved (navigating the kindergarten enrollment process in the open-choice public school system, for example, has been giving me anxiety attacks for the past few weeks), there is much to love about this town, and we have been enjoying getting to know it.

In celebration of my first full year as a Milwaukeean, I’m sharing some love on Instagram for some of our favorite businesses and places in Southeastern Wisconsin. You can find all the posts by searching #ANCtoMKE, or check back here for follow-up posts.

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