Flocked Peeps nails for Easter

Want to hear a story about procrastination? This manicure is from Easter 2013. That’s right — two years ago. In my defense, at the time I was pregnant and buying a house and considering changing jobs. And last Easter I was wrangling an eight-month-old and helping prepare for a major media merger. What’s my excuse for the last-minute post this year? TBH, I really just this minute remembered these photos were still on my phone.

Easter Peeps bunny manicure with flocking

But! This manicure is super cute and easy, and depending on where you live there might even still be time to run out to the craft store before Easter.

A note on flocking: You can buy flocking powder that’s made especially to use with your nails, and if you can find it for a good price, go for it. But you can also get flocking powder right in your local craft store, and with your weekly coupon (look in the Sunday paper or use the Jo-Ann’s or Michaels mobile app) you can get it for 40 to 60 percent off, so that’s where I get mine. Look in the stamping aisle.

Use flocking powder to give your manicure fuzzy texture

As nail art goes, this is pretty simple. Can you make a dot? Can you make several different sizes of dots? You have all the necessary skills!

For my base color, I applied two coats of Illamasqua DWS and let them dry completely. Then on each nail, I dotted a bunny Peep shape using just the regular brush from each nail polish bottle. I did the Peeps one at a time and, while each was still wet, shook on a thick layer of flocking and patted it gently to make sure it stuck to the entire bunny.

Use flocking powder to give your manicure fuzzy texture

For my Peeps, I used OPI Funkey Dunkey (purple), China Glaze For Audrey (Tiffany blue), China Glaze Solar Power (yellow), and green and pink Color Club polishes with no names that came in gift sets that I found at a discount store.

Shake off the excess flocking and you’re all set.

Easter Peeps bunny manicure with flocking

I don’t recommend using a topcoat with this manicure, since the charm is in the fuzziness of the bunny.

Happy Easter! (Or Chag Sameach, as the case may be.)

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