Quarantine Challenge: Push Your Beauty Boundaries

The “quarantine challenge” trend is all over social media, and whether people are posting album art, recreating TikTok dances, or getting their dogs to jump over progressively higher stacks of toilet paper rolls, one thing is clear: Some of us have too much time on our hands right now.

Whether you’re hunkering down at home 24/7 or you’re an essential worker looking for a way to unwind at the end of the day, now is the perfect time to get around to all those beauty projects, experiments and chores that you’re usually too busy — or too self-conscious — to try.

My quarantine challenge to you: Take advantage of this time! This is the perfect moment to try something new and get comfortable with a bold makeup look without worrying about what other people think. (Or let them think it’s a Zoom filter, whatever. You’re going to look banging on those work calls.)

Here are 11 ways to take care of yourself, relax, experiment, and otherwise pass the days until it’s safe to start socializing again, plus an Instagram bingo card to share!

  • Do your nails.
    I recently shared my steps for a simple home manicure, plus tips for nail-painting novices. You’ll be surprised how a fresh coat of paint can lift your spirits. Maybe even attempt some nail art.
  • Try a new hairstyle.
    Who’s gonna see it? Nobody who hasn’t already seen you at your most unfiltered. Now’s the time to finally learn how to do flat iron curls or use your hot rollers, level up your braiding skills, or try a heat-free styling technique like sock curls. (That trend cracks me up, by the way, because people act like it’s some big revelation when in fact it’s basically just an updated version of the rag curls our moms and grandmas used to use in Olden Times.)
  • Experiment with color.
    Afraid of red lipstick, green eye shadow, contour, or spring trends? Practice now and get ready to wear them with confidence when you finally get to see other people. (As a bonus, no one is going to remember what anyone else looks like, so you don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious when someone comments on your new look.)
  • Learn a new technique.
    Personally, I’m working on false lashes, which are my absolute beauty nemesis. Try a YouTube beauty tutorial after the kids go to bed or work on your eyeliner wing once your virtual meetings are done for the day. (Or while you’re on a non-video call, for that matter.)
  • Clean your brushes.
    I don’t do it often enough, and you probably don’t either. What better time for a deep clean?
  • Do a foot peeling mask.
    You won’t have to worry about scheduling it around your yoga classes. (Check out my Oh! K foot peel review and my tips for foot peel success.)
  • Take a bath.
    Showers are for busy people.
  • Start taking skincare seriously.
    I try to be great about taking care of my skin, but sometimes I’m tired or rushed. Well, guess what? I’m not going anywhere right now. So I’m making an effort to do my full skin care routine every day — even adding a new ampoule that I ordered before things locked down and remembering to exfoliate at least once a week. My esthetician even hopped on Zoom with a few of us and walked us through a home facial, which was amazing.
  • Scrub your lips.
    Making your own lip scrub is literally the easiest beauty DIY in the entire world. Take sugar, add a little bit of basically any kind of oil, go to town. Want detailed instructions? Here they are.
  • Konmari your beauty products.
    Week before last, I went through everything — eve-ry-thing — and tossed expired products, wiped down packaging, threw out things I don’t wear anymore and reorganized my vanity in a way that works much better for me. Not only am I less overwhelmed by my beauty products, I’m able to easily find what I need, and I’ve been having more fun with my makeup because I can see what I have at my disposal.
  • Use the things you’ve been saving.
    I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to put certain products aside for a “special occasion” — bath bombs, high-end masks, deluxe samples of luxury products. If a global pandemic doesn’t qualify as a special occasion, I don’t know what does. Whatever you’ve been holding onto for a moment when you really need it… now is that time. I’m giving you permission to treat yourself. Use it all up.

Ready to give it a go? Here’s one more quarantine trend: a bingo card for your Instagram stories! Mark off the things you’ve done (tag @belowfreezingbeauty so I can see and share!) and remember to share the blank card afterward so your friends can play, too.

Below Freezing Beauty Quarantine Challenge Bingo

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