Feb. 19: National Lash Day

There’s literally a national holiday for everything, and your eyelashes are no exception. Happy National Lash Day, observed each year (apparently) on February 19!

National Lash Day | Below Freezing Beauty

For this most sacred of eyelash holidays, here’s a roundup of product recommendations, posts and tutorials that celebrate those lovely hairs that protect your eyes from dust and debris (and also look amazing in a good volumizing mascara).

False Lash Application Tutorial

Are you falsie-challenged like me? (Oh boy, was I excited when magnetic lashes were invented.) Glue-on lash success is hit or miss for me. This false lash application tutorial from Angela Lanter is the best one I’ve watched. She’s got two different ways to apply strip lashes, and her explanation of how to tell when your glue is ready is a lot better than the usual “wait a while, but not too long!”

Lash From The Past

I might be useless when it comes to applying false lashes, but I can mascara like nobody’s business. Here’s a look at some favorite mascara-related posts from the Below Freezing Beauty archives:

Tutorial: How To Curl Your Lashes

Let me preface this by saying: I don’t curl my eyelashes. That said… if I had straighter lashes, I absolutely would. I’ve tried using an eyelash curler, and on my lashes, it just doesn’t do much. But if your lashes grow straight over your eye, a curler can do a lot to make them appear longer (and your eyes look bigger). I enjoyed this tutorial from Zoe Louise (beauty advice is always more fun when it comes with a British accent anyway).

National Lash Day Faves

Looking for the perfect National Lash Day gift (for yourself, obviously; as soon as we let these start becoming gift-giving holidays, guys, it is ALL OVER)? Here are some of my mascara faves. (Affiliate links. Learn more.)

  • Urban Decay Perversion – A great all-purpose black mascara with decent volumizing properties.
  • IT Cosmetics Tightline – The post linked above has the rundown, but in essence: This mascara lets you skip eyeliner and it is amazing.
  • Lancôme Monsieur Big – Just a really, really great mascara.
  • Cheap magnetic eyelashes from Amazon – Literally the only way I can reliably apply false lashes and the only price that’s worth paying considering how bad I am at false lashes. Try these if you are falsie-challenged.

How will you and yours be observing this important family holiday?

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