Stupid simple eye makeup tutorial

Not that I don’t love an eye makeup look that takes forever to do and looks like it, but I live in a world where there are two tiny human beings who rely on me for sustenance and entertainment and general keeping-aliveness, so many days, my makeup routine has to be done quickly, while I stand up, frequently with people under my feet and pulling on my arms.

My go-to quick eye look used to be a one-two punch of NYX cream shadow topped off with Roll-On Shimmer. It was quick and easy, versatile, a little bit glamorous but still wearable for everyday… and did I mention quick and easy?

Sadly, NYX discontinued their cream shadows a few years ago. So I was thrilled when they rolled out Lid Lingerie earlier this year, since it’s basically a better-wearing cream shadow… and it still coordinates beautifully with NYX Roll-On Shimmer.

This is eye makeup so simple a child could do it perfectly, but it’s also very versatile depending on how big you go and which color(s) you use. I’ve worn it to work and to formal events. It’s literally three steps:

  1. Put Lid Lingerie all over your eyelid.
  2. Apply Roll-On Shimmer over the Lid Lingerie.
  3. Blend the shimmer into your crease using a blending brush. Or, honestly, your fingers if you’re in a pinch.

That’s it. (Seriously.) Watch the video to see how I do it.

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