Long-Term Relationships: Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Magic

Highlighting the products that I’ve been using for years and that I still love after all this time.

OSiS+ Magic glossing serum

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Magic

Length of relationship: 14 years

Product type: Glossing serum

Great for: Shiny hair with fewer flyaways

I had extremely long hair in my early/mid twenties, more out of laziness than anything else. I didn’t make time to go get it cut, and I didn’t have to spend a bunch of time styling it. I worked in a casual office setting, so a ponytail was fine most days, and if I needed to get dressed up, I straightened it.

In some ways, living in New York was totally wasted on me.

I finally woke up at 25 and realized I was bored and boring when it came to my hair, and I actually started getting it cut regularly. When I went to the salon my mom goes to during a visit to Anchorage, the stylist finished with a magical product that smoothed my hair into sleek, shining perfection.

I thought she had been kidding when she said she was going to “use a little Magic,” but it turned out that was actually the name of the product, which I purchased on the spot and have been using now for almost 14 years.

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Magic is a finishing product that controls frizz and flyaways and leaves your hair sleek and gleaming. It’s especially great for winter or dry climates where static is a problem.

A little bit goes a looooong way, so apply thoughtfully! I rub one pump of product between my hands to spread it out and then apply it lightly and gently to my hair, starting at the temples and sweeping my hands up and over (kind of like I’m putting on a headband). When I get to the ends of my hair, away from my scalp, then I’ll run my hands and fingers through my hair to get the ends shiny.

To put it another way: Think of the application process less as putting product in your hair and more as putting product on your hands (like lotion) and then running your hands gently over your hair. (If you’re ever in a crisis frizz/static situation and all you have is lotion, you can actually do that, but I don’t recommend it as a daily practice.) If you get too much Magic in one spot, your hair will get oversaturated and start to look greasy instead of glimmering, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to be mega-delicate and super conservative in your application.

OSiS+ is no longer carried at Ulta, but you can buy it on Amazon* (including in a three-pack!).


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