Crafty (Evil)

Back in my college days, if you asked friends in my dorm, they’d tell you I was “crafty.” What they meant was that if you needed help creating a papier-mâche elephant or sewing a Halloween costume out of school issue bed linens, I was a good person to know. But I always liked to clarify that they meant “crafty evil” — because when people think you spend your time gluing rhinestones on picture frames and embroidering tea towels, sometimes they get a little patronizing, and it’s important for them to know that just because you can make them a bouquet of flowers out of crepe paper doesn’t mean you’re someone to be trifled with. Now, in the age of the “maker” and the coolification of arts and crafts, I’m proud to have never stopped being a badass crafter, even before the hipsters found out it was fun and fulfilling. Here’s where you’ll find information about what I make, how I make it, and the tools, inspiration and resources that help me stay Crafty Evil.

I may be crafty evil, but I’m also crafty transparent: There are affiliate links on this page, so if you click on some colorful crochet hooks or rhinestones or a book about complicated stitches and you buy something, I might make some money. How much money? Well, in 2021, I earned $21.10 this way. So, yeah — rolling in it. Read my full disclosures here!

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