You're Already A Blogger.

No content? No problem. I’m going to show you how to use your Instagram as a launchpad to start blogging TODAY.

A friend sought me out recently to ask my advice.

Let me tell you about this friend. She’s got a knack for finding adventure — and an amazing Instagram feed. She’s the kind of person whose friends are always telling her “You need to start a blog!” And they’re right. She’s got a million things to blog about and a unique perspective to share.

So what’s been holding her back? 

I don’t want to speak for her, but as we talked, I could hear the uncertainty coming through. What should I blog about? What would I call it? Who would read it? How often should I publish? How will I come up with ideas for posts? Do I need a custom design? Do I have to spend a lot of money? 

This course is for her, and for you, and for anyone you know who is killing it on Instagram but afraid to take the plunge into blogging.

Guess what? Blogging isn’t scary. It’s easy. You just have to know what you want to blog about and who you’re blogging for. And you might not realize it, but you already know the answers to those questions — because they’re sitting right there in your Instagram account, ready to launch you into the blogosphere.

Blogging isn't hard.

Setting up a blog is easy. The idea of maintaining a blog — and doing it well — is the part that leaves many great content creators, influencers and creatives feeling intimidated.

Let me ask you something. Did you stress out about opening your Instagram account? Probably not. I bet you just jumped right in, learning and growing as you went. Those likes, comments and follows are little stamps of approval from your followers. They love your content on Instagram — and they will love what you do with it on your blog.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to do it alone. I’m going to help you mine your Instagram for the great content that will lay your blog’s foundation. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to go live, with your first six weeks of content in the bank.

what you'll get:

For the price of a movie ticket (just the ticket! Not counting snacks), I’m going to walk you through five straightforward steps that will slingshot you into blogging and blast through the obstacles that are keeping you from your goals.

Maia Nolan-Partnow | Amanda Vick Creative


Yes, you read that right! For a limited time, you can enroll in Turn Your Instagram Into A Blog (in Five Steps) — and launch your online brand — for the price of a drugstore mascara.

This is a special launch offer — this price will go up! Get it now to snag this valuable mini-course at the lowest price.

Maia Nolan-Partnow | Amanda Vick Creative

Who am I?

I’m Maia, a journalist by training and an entertainer by nature. I started my first blog in 2004, back when you had to learn HTML if you wanted to resize a photo! (Things are a lot easier now, thank goodness.) An award-winning columnist, editor and blogger, I work with individual bloggers, companies and organizations of all sizes on finding and refining their unique voices. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and literary arts and a side hustle in the world of beauty blogging.

Stop Thinking. Start Blogging!

This time next week, you could be launching your blog with content that you already know your audience is going to love! I’ll show you how easy and fun it can be. Your followers are ready and waiting. It’s time to give the people what they want!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the course?
Turn Your Instagram Into A Blog includes five lessons, each with a video and some homework. You can find a list of the lessons on this page.

When does this course begin?
As soon as you’re ready! This is a work-at-your-own-pace deal, so you’ll do the lessons on your own schedule.

Is this course affiliated with Instagram?
Turn Your Instagram Into A Blog is not endorsed by, affiliated with or in any way connected to Instagram or any of the other products and companies mentioned in the course.

Do I need to have an Instagram account?
This course is designed specifically for students who want to translate their Instagram presence into a blog. So while you don’t have to have an Instagram account to take the course, you won’t get the full benefit of the lessons unless you already have an established Instagram account. 

Do you have any free courses?
I have a couple of resources that are absolutely free of charge! Sign up for my Blogging With Voice newsletter or join the Blogging Better Together Facebook group for free resources, feedback, and other tools for bloggers of all kinds.

Seriously. Last chance.

You’re still scrolling, so you must be ready! It’s time to take the leap and finally — finally — start that blog! You won’t find this course at a better price. What are you waiting for?

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