#ToddlerStreetStyle: Preschool prom queen

Some days you just let your kid wear the sequin dress.

The end of my pregnancy with Baby Brother became a little complicated and resulted in my being told by multiple medical providers to take it super easy. This coincided with my husband starting a consulting contract that required extended out-of-state travel. As a result, R went a little bit feral during this time, living largely on pizza and chicken nuggets, watching excessive numbers of Disney movies, and wearing mostly just T-shirts. When we emerged from these dark times, she had all of a sudden become someone who has Opinions About Clothes and also is really into sparkles and jewelry. So the demure Olive Juice dresses and classic Ralph Lauren sweaters that I would love to see her wear AT LEAST ONCE are collecting dust in the closet*, passed over in favor of glitter and ruffles.

* Her closet is not actually dusty.

At the same time, she has started preschool, which she loves once she gets there but can be a little emotional about getting ready for. This morning she was being weepy about getting dressed… until I acquiesced to her request to wear “the sparkle dress.”

The sparkle dress comes from H&M, and it was only $25, so I feel OK sending it to preschool. If the sequins come loose on the playground, it’s not the end of the world. Inventory rotates fairly quickly through H&M’s website, and this dress doesn’t appear to be available anymore even though I ordered it just a couple of weeks ago, but there are plenty of other sparkly options right now in little girls’ sizes.

It was a little chilly this morning, so we paired it with black Old Navy leggings (on sale right now for $7). The shoes are TOMS Tiny Paseo-High Sneakers, purchased in a Zulily sale (plus 1% cash back from Ebates). Or, as R calls them, her “tiger shoes.” We’re still working on sorting out the big cats.

I tried to get her to wear her black-and-rose-gold moto jacket (go big or go home, right?), but she refused to wear any jacket at all. I can’t say I totally blame her. If I were rocking a cocktail dress to preschool, I wouldn’t want to cover it up, either.

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