#ToddlerStreetStyle: The best-laid plans…

…mean nothing to a two-year-old.

Lately, mornings at our house are hosted by one of two recurring personalities: one who lies down voluntarily for a diaper change, eats her breakfast sweetly, and happily complies with requests to change into a clean shirt before volunteering, “Now you need some pants”; and one for whom “No!” is just a nice clean segue into a temper tantrum.

The other morning, we got as far as the dress and leggings and even got a barrette in her hair.

Tea dress 01

I had planned to add a little chambray shirt to make the sleeveless dress a little more fall-appropriate. But at that point, a slow screech swelled up from within my child’s lungs.


Tea dress 02

I try not to cave to tantrums, but I’m not a glutton for punishment, either. I left the shirt for her babysitter to wrestle with later. I’m told it looked cute.

Tea dress 04

What can I say? You pick your battles.

Trapeze Dress, Tea Collection, $17.95 at Citrus Lane.

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